Alcatraz On FOX TV - Why You Should Watch It!?

October 30, 2011
Alcatraz was a house to the most notorious criminals of the 20th century and the most secured place on the world. If you are able to picture this criminals back on the streets, but in a real time, than you definitely should watch Alcatraz Tv Show, as you'll be surprised a lot!

This thriller is created by J.J. Abrams and Elizabeth Sarnoff. Main casts are Sarah Jones, Sam Neil, Jorge Garcia and Parminder Nagra. The scenario of Alcatraz is about mysteries of the most notorious jail in history, with the main point on a group of missing Alcatraz guards and prisoners who reappears again nowadays.

Alcatraz Episode GuideThe day of Alcatraz TV Show gets on air, is coming closer. If You still have doubts should you or should you not watch this new series, here we present some facts about it.

  • J.J. Abrams is a well-known producer by TV Show Lost.
  • You can join Alcatraz Facebook Fan Page and follow up the latest news.
  • The scenario is different from the true story which made show more dynamic!
  • Visualize Al Capone on San Francisco streets in 21th century, unthinkable and frightening.
  • You'll be able to see unseen, all Alcatraz prisoners escaping from Alcatraz!
  • With this new show, you'll be able to find out and earn more about the Alcatraz prison!
  • If you need to re-watch or you have missed any episode, watch Alcatraz online will be on your service.
  • Alcatraz episode guide will be ready for you to better follow up the new show.

One more thing to mention, this is the show for all people that are high creative with developed imagination to recognize the great historical event being seen the eyes of today! Your inspiring imagination will move mad using the possibilities with just what exactly could happen or perhaps who actually might be walking free in the modern-day San Francisco.

We all sometimes miss the timetable and come home late to see the Alcatraz episode, in this case you will be able to find on our site where to watch Alcatraz online. You can also recommend our site to your friends. Alcatraz episode guide that will be available on our site will be set to provide you with new information about your new favorite TV Show.

It is about the time to pull up chair, for 60 minutes of escape into the world of Alcatraz. When the new year come and FOX TV finally release Alcatraz on TV, this will be great occasion to gather you with your friends and make a good conversation of what had happen and what could happen.

Alcatraz TV Show - Prepare For A great Year On FOX TV!

October 27, 2011
The most popular prison on the world, Alcatraz in San Francisco, is an unavoidable spot for many tourists with its historical chambers... If you thought to take a few days off and go to see Alcatraz, you don't have to do that, because FOX is planning a great program for all their viewers. A year 2012 brings you Alcatraz in your home! Alcatraz TV Show will be on air soon! You better book your place in front of TV, you'll regret if you miss any episode!

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